We provide the online training material set including reference materials for future Q & A
at US$550.00 including shipping cost.
What to be sent (List of the Training materials set):
1) Technical Service Fee (Manual,video) for making  PU Ribbon or PU sheet (which can be provided by email) 1 Set US$300.00

2) (Liquid) PU base Glue (1 Liter X @US$$50.00/Liter as price for 1 Liter order )

(Liquid) PU - suitable for making PU ribbon ( tape - narrow & long form) in 1/2" or narrower or wider or PU sheet in 10" or narrow or wider

@@ We supply 10 Liters at US$25.00/Liter excluding shipping cost.

Making 1 pc of PU sheet in 10" x 20" takes 20 ~ 30 grams of PU including loss.
We can cut the 10" x 20" PU sheet into 20 pcs of PU ribbon in 1/2" wide x 20" long.

2 Liters US$100.00
3) Super fine(thin) lace (CT5107-SR) -40"  X  3 Yds @ US$3.00/Yd ( 40" in width) 3 Yds


4) Sample-Skin and sample pieces as reference materials for communication (Q & A) for future technical advice & guidance some some
5) Plastic Applicators suitable for the work some some
6) Other working supplies in glass, plastics 1 Pc US$20.00
8) Shipping Cost  by EMS (In fact, shipping costs are different to destination countries, but we would make it (quotation) simple.   US$50.00 ~ US$100.00     
Total cost (price) of Online Training Material Set for PU Ribbon and PU sheet making Class   US$550.00

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