We provide  How to do V-looped (knotted) hairs attached to the PU skin at US$3,000.00 including Videos, Written manuals, future technical support (Q & A), or at US$3,640.00 in case materials below are included.

This work(technology) is  very important, crucial, essential process (to avoid fatal problem of hair's coming out) in making toupee of which the base is made with PU skin (and lace/net/mesh).               

This work (technology) is made up of 9 processing steps (hair attaching/glueing work and PU coating work) taking about 20 ~ 24 hours including 10 hours of the last drying time. This work make difference between Men's toupee making and lace wig making. This work makes toupees sell at much higher price than lace wigs.   
What to be sent (List of the Training materials set) :    
1. A set of written manual and videos (1) How to make hairs glued (boned) to PU skin and (2) How to make the glued surface even and smoothened 1 Set
2a. Glues
G7100 x 1 Liter each @US$$80.00/Lt
G7400 X 1 Liter each @US$$80.00/Lt
[ In case of 10 Liter order, the price is US$35.00/Liter. Price List

2 Liters
(2 Pcs)
2b. Coating PU (CW707-CT) - suitable for making the sureface hairs glued to smooth
[ In case of 10 Liter order, the price is US$35.00/Liter. Price List
2 Liters
3. Sample-Skin Toupee in 6.5" X 8.5" showing injected (or V-looped) hairs in different process stages (not-glued, glued, finally finished, etc) 1 Pc
4a. Glue applicators suitable for the work 2 Pcs
4b. Plastic Mold JKC 2801-SH Mannequin half head (soft) (M size) @US$20.00/Pc 1 Pc
4c. Other supplies or materials (T-pin, sponge sheet)  some
8) Shipping Cost by EMS (In fact, shipping costs are different to destination countries, but we would make it (quotation) simple.  
Total cost (price) of Online Training Material Set including materials, etc

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