CW440-HI (Hair Implantation Sewing Machine))
CW440-HI is used in having Human hairs or Synthetic fibers) implanted into Imitation Skin (CW2440-FSS-MHI ) in thickness of 0.37mm or 0.48mm, which will be Skin Top, Skin Parting pieces, or Skin Crown pieces of Machine Made Ladies' Wigs, not of toupees.


CW440-HI is not used for making Men's Hairpieces (Toupees) which are to be made by " hand-tie(hand knotting, hand ventialtion, or hand injection)", not by machine.

Only a few factories in the world, internationally make Skin pieces for toupee wearers with this kind of sewing machines used for machine made wigs just like our CW440-HI , but the hair directions can not be created naturally as much as the real hand-ventilated PU Skin Toupees, and what is worse, hairs can hair easily falls out before long. Strong hair attaching glue is necessary and what is more, good & professional gluing technique is essential for thin (fine) finish.
Hairs can not be implanted onto Nets or Laces of Wigs or Toupees by machine sewing with CW440-HI or hand-held injection with a hand-held injection machine. Our CW440-HI or such hair inplanting machines can not be used in implanting inot nets or laces.

Some people have wrong idea that Silk Top is made by machine implanting on Silk-like nets.

Meanwhile, the CW440-HI cannot be easily operated without hands-on-training.
Please be sure to be informed that it is diffiuclt to well operate such a sewing machine well by learning from any manual or videos.

Meanwhile, a hand-held hair injection machine supplied these days can be operated by general people, though, there is doubt such hand-held hair injection machines will not make hair injection in good and fine quality of hair distribution/placement as much as the skilled toupee factory hair ventilators(workers) who create much better and finer than the quality of training-mannequin wig-makings.

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